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Train Tracks Fabric or Wallpaper

Train Tracks Fabric or Wallpaper

Train tracks design based on my own black and white linocut design.  There are two sizes available which suit different projects.  I've written a blog post about how the linocut design for this fabric was created, and the process I followed for upholstering the chest.  Read it here

There are two sizes of fabric available.  The small scale is a great size for smaller projects such as covering a journal.  It has a repeat size of 20cm width by 15cm height (8 x 6in).  Train track around 2cm across (0.8in).  The large scale is perfect for projects such as nappy mats or upholstery.  Repeat size 45x33cm (18x13in).  Train track around 4cm across (1.6in). 

The fabric is available in black or blue.  It's important to choose a fabric option which will hold the colour well, as it contains large areas of a single colour.  I have found Spoonflower's Sateen, Celosia Velvet and their Satin to be excellent at holding colour.  Both sizes of designs also make AMAZING wrapping paper.

Buy small scale train tracks in black 

Buy small scale in navy blue


Buy large scale train tracks in black

Buy large scale in navy blue



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