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Use the form below to contact Marliese by email. Scroll down to read about some of the reasons you might want to get in touch!

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How can I help?

Here are some of the ways in which I may be able to assist you.


Collaborate:  I have collaborated with various partners in the past, including Spoonflower and Dannells Lampshades.  I enjoy these projects and would consider new partnership opportunities.

Customise Fabric:  I am happy to alter the existing fabric patterns to a certain size or using a specific colour if that is easy enough to do.  My train tracks fabric is now available in blue after a request from a customer!

Wren linocut by Three Bears Prints

Buy a Hand Made Print:  Although selling my hand made prints is no longer my focus, if you would like to buy one, please get in touch.

Horse Linocut by Three Bears Prints

Commission a Design:  If I have the time available and the proposed design fits with my aesthetics and my skills, I am happy to take on specific projects.

I look forward to hearing from you!