About Three Bears Prints

Three Bears Prints is run by me, Marliese Richmond.  My fabric and wallpapers are all based on my own designs.  My designs are influenced by what I experience in everyday life, and by what is important to me.  Any artist processes what they experience internally and externally and feeds that into their work, and for me, my inspirations are: Nature; Family Life; and Travel.

Nature - Without a doubt, the biggest influence on my artwork and design is being outdoors and experiencing nature.  I grew up in a rural area, and I learned all about the Scottish wildlife from my explorations, my parents and from books.  This shaped me as an adult and now, everyday, I go for a walk with the dogs and my daughter.  Where I live - Perth, Scotland - is a beautiful area, and although Perth is a small city, it sits alongside many different woodland areas, and has access to Highland Perthshire and beyond.  Walking, cycling and running outside is essential and integral to my wellbeing.  The things I see are incorporated into my designs - such as my woodpecker fabric, my blue tits design and swallows.


Marliese outdoors


Family Life - My family life filters into my creativity - and my creativity permeates into my family life.  When my daughter was born, I experienced an incredible surge of creativity.  Despite the sleep deprivation, I had so many ideas which I had to follow through.  Here you can see Estelle at 9 months old helping me to flatten my flamingo linocut, which I transformed into a fabric.  I also love creating designs with a specific project in mind for the home or my daughter - such as this upcycled train tracks chest, or halloween costume.  My daughter has always been around art materials, and now she is showing real artistic talent and ability in sewing.  It's wonderful to see.


Family life


Travel - Travel nourishes the brain and feeds creativity.  Every time we go away, we make a point of visiting museums, galleries, architectural landmarks and archaeological sites.  It is so stimulating to see the output of other artists and designers.  When you see a work you have read about or seen online, it is thrilling.  Discovering gems in small local museums is also a great experience - such as these huge pots we saw in Paphos, Cyprus.  The work of Cesar Manrique in Lanzarote is jaw dropping - here, my husband and I are enjoying the Cactus Garden.  Although I never directly copy any artists work, I always return from holidays with a renewed urge to create.


Holiday Inspiration