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Lampshade Making Free Tutorial

Lampshade Making Free Tutorial

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Covering a drum lampshade is one of the most satisfying fabric projects you can do. It's relatively quick - once you have everything in place it takes 1 - 2 hours - and they can have such an impact. You can make the lampshade the size you want and choose a fabric which fits the room you wish to put it in. If it's a present, you can customise it to the recipient. It's so much fun!  Download the tutorial here.  


If you have never made one before, I highly recommend that you buy a kit - I buy mine from Needcraft.  It makes it very easy, as all the measurements and materials are there - all you need is the fabric. However, if you have made one before, you will hopefully find my tutorial and take on how to re-cover a lampshade useful - this is how I do it! If you want to see more information and photos of my lampshades, as well as photos of my fabric, go to my website.  You can also buy all your other lampshade making supplies with Needcraft.


Of course, you can buy all the fabrics for these lampshades from Three Bears Prints Spoonflower shop!

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