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Dachshund Handmade Print

Dachshund Handmade Print

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This is a hand printed linocut illustrating dachshunds which can be arranged in a set of four to form a repeat pattern. This would make a great gift for dachshund fans.

This linocut illustrates the lovely dachshunds Lily and Daisy who live a few doors down from me, two sisters from the same litter. Dachshunds are amongst my favourite dog breeds, and Lily and Daisy are especially sweet, particularly when they are posing prettily for dog biscuits.

The printed area is 30cm x 40cm and the paper is 35cm x 45cm. It is printed in a deep dark purple ink on a caramel paper. The repeat pattern format is one I return to again and again – I find it very satisfying to create a print which is successful both as a stand alone print, and in a set of four or even more. There is a good visual balance between the darker markings of the dogs and the lighter parts such as their tummies and paws.

All of my linocut prints turn out slightly differently – depending on where the linocut is placed on the paper, how much ink is rolled on, and how much pressure is used to transfer the ink from the linocut onto the paper. This is one of an edition of 100 prints, and each print is number, titled and signed, all in pencil.
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