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Daisy Handmade Print

Daisy Handmade Print

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This handmade daisy linocut print was inspired by fields of daisies which grow in fields close by, and lift the heart when walking the dog.  Along the edges of all the fields nearby, there are hundreds and hundreds of daisies in the summer. They are such a cheerful sight which raises your spirits.

The printed area is 30cm x 40cm and the paper is 35cm x 45cm. It is printed in ultramarine blue and a yellow-orange ink on white Heritage paper.  The background is pure blue and the centre of the daisies are pure yellow-orange. The leaves are orange-green as they are blue ink with an overlay of yellow orange.

All of my linocut prints turn out slightly differently and this is especially true of two colour linocut prints. They vary depending on how the two colours of ink mix, how much pressures is exerted on the lino and how the two separate linocuts line up. This is one of an edition of 100 prints, and each print is number, titled and signed, all in pencil.

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