Cesar Manrique's Vision

For the last 2 weeks, I've written about the landscape and architecture of Lanzarote, with a focus on the artist of Cesar Manrique.  This will be my last blog post about him - and today, I will be looking at the tourist sights and sites he developed in collaboration with others on Lanzarote.  They are perfect examples of the integration of natural volcanic features with sensational architecture and design which enhances these places of natural beauty.

jameos del agua

The first stop is the Jameos del Agua.  You go through a long natural cave, inhabited by albino crabs.  You come out the darkness to this dazzling pool.  His creations are often compared to what a James Bond bad guy would come up with, and this is certainly the case here.  You can imagine one of the palm trees clicking back and a rock formation parting, revealing a helicopter rising from it.

Jardin de Cactus

The next stop is the Jardin de Cactus.  This is a sunken circle, with traditional stone walls all around and over 400 species of cactus.  The restaurant is an especially wonderful area to sit and enjoy the views.  It is apparently one of the last collaborative projects of Manrique.  

Mirador de; Rio

 The final stop is the Mirador del Rio.  It is perched on high cliffs with views out across neighbouring islands and the expanse of the sea.  The restaurant has two windows like giant eyes spying over the land.  This is again redolent of spy movie, 70s chic.  If you are in Lanzarote, I urge you to visit these incredible places!

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