Pop Up Along 7

Well, it's week 7 of my pop up along - and I'm doing a cheat's post!  This is where real life, art, and a weekly blog post collides...  I did not have time to finish my Easter pop up card on time.  So let me share what I was able to do...

Flower Meadow

I created the background of a meadow of flowers.  This was a fun activity - the flowers are drawn in Castell oil pencils and oil pastels.  Then I did a wash of green acrylic paint over them.  I deliberately kept the background soft as I wanted the rabbit family members to be the focus.

Baby Bunnies in Flower Meadow

I drew a set of 6 baby bunnies last week.  I picked my three favourites, and using Adobe Photoshop, created an Easter card!  You can't go wrong with cute bunnies in a lovely flower meadow.  However, I'm still going to work on finishing my pop up, as there are friends I really want to send it to (those with children I know will appreciate it!).


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