Pop Up Along 6

A cornucopia of bunnies this week!  I'm onto week 6 of my pop up along, making an Easter Card - readers will know I've been sharing the process each step of the way as it has unfolded each week.  I'm just going to share the art work I've created with you this week, so that I can keep the cards private until everyone I'm giving them to has had the chance to open them.  

Easter baby bunnies

This week I've been working on more art work to finalise the design.  I have been drawing and painting three baby bunnies, using the same technique of sketching the drawing out in pencil; outlining it in ink; then colouring it with wonderful Castell pencils and a small amount of acrylic paint.

Rejected rabbits

The very act of drawing and working through an idea informs the design process.  Initially, I thought I was going to incorporate some rabbits viewed from the back - but when I put these down on paper, I did not like them at all!  I wanted something that would draw the viewer in.

Baby bunnies

And what would draw a viewer in more than some cute baby bunnies?!  I decided that we'd go for a rabbit family scene, with these adorable bunnies being centre stage...

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