Volcano House

We have been on holiday in Lanzarote recently, where we visited Cesar Manrique's Volcano House.  Without a doubt, it is the most gobsmacking house I have seen in years.  Cesar Manrique has been described as a visionary - and truly, he is - to be able to transform the barren volcanic landscape of Lanzarote into somewhere so chic.

Volcano House

When you arrive, you walk past the layers of black volcanic lava.  The sun beats down, and you cannot imagine living anywhere so hostile.  In the lava house, first of all, you start in the gallery area - then you descend into the house.  Each volcanic 'bubble' has a different room, which has been furnished and styled in a different way.


The interiors have been painted in white, and furnished in a way which reminds you of cool parts of the 70s.  The luxurious furniture contrasts witht the black lava.

Interior Design

The rooms are surprisingly fresh and bright, with accents of colour which stand out against the monochrome background.  It really is a lesson in how impactful a minimalist approach can be in terms of using such a limited palette.  Each room has been accessorised by pieces designed by Manrique.

Dining room

Each room also has many different plants.  He has been able to fully integrate these interiors with their natural setting.  It is one of the most inspirational places I've ever visited, and if you find yourself in Lanzarote, I urge you to visit.


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