Birthday Card Dreams

I have written before about capturing your real life in art - I think it's a wonderful way of keeping hold of your memories.  It was with this principle in mind that I made my husband's birthday card this year - while on holiday in Lanzarote!

Lanzarote Birthday Card

We had been visiting the landscape works of visionary artist Cesar Manrique, including his incredible volcano house.  I decided to use this as inspiration for imagining our life if we lived in Lanzarote in a super cool, 70s chic volcano bubble house.  I used by beloved Faber Castell oil pencils and an ink pen to create these.

Lanzarote Winery Sketch

An important part of our lifestyle would be the vineyard, making use of the volcanic soil to grow grapes to supply our winery.  You can see that solar panels would supply our power, and for Mike, another essential would be a red Alfa Romeo to transport us round the island.

Patterdales in Lanzarote

Our household would be incomplete without our Patterdale Terriers.  Here are Ted and Max playing tugs in their volcano bubble kennel - the local cats are terrified by their presence...  I love making sketches or somehow creating a piece of art wherever we go on holiday - and this holiday was no different!




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