Shop Policies

Shipping and Deliveries

Prints will be packaged and posted within 3 working days of the order being received and paid for.  Packaging and postage is FREE.  Your package will be sent using a tracked option, and the tracking reference will be provided to you.


Hopefully, customers of Three Bears Prints are pleased with whatever they buy.  When buying an original print, it is important to recognise that every step is undertaken by hand.   The linocuts are painstakingly cut by hand with special tools.  They are then inked up by hand using different size rollers. The paper is measured and cut by hand, as most of the linocuts do not fit standard print sizes.  Very often hand-made or natural papers are used, as these have interesting textures.  The ink is transferred from the linocut by hand through the use of a heavy proofing press rolled over the top.

The fact that all these processes are undertaken by hand means that every print is completely unique.  It also means that there can be 'imperfections' to the prints - such as small ink marks from the linocuts; different textured areas to the paper; a slight misalignment of a linocut; a grading in colour of the ink.  This is what gives linocuts or other types of hand-made prints life and depth.  They have an almost three dimensional quality, which simply does not exist in a computer print out. 

However, if you are unhappy in any way with your print, please do get in touch, and a full refund will be offered.  The purpose of a piece of art from Three Bears Prints is to bring joy and pleasure every time you look at it.  If this is not the case, this will be rectified immediately.