Welcome to the New Website!

Welcome to the new Three Bears Prints website!  It's been a rollercoaster ride over the last 6 months.  Back in February, my original website got hacked.  This was a very stressful experience at the time, but one which has ultimately resulted in this, a much improved website for Three Bears Prints.  It's also led me to forge friendships with a whole set of new people, something I'd like to share over the next few weeks.

As you can see, my new website provides a place for me to share my artistic interests, especially my prints and designs. I will be able to share my new linocuts, such as this kingfisher print; and my Spoonflower fabrics and wallpapers, such as this hummingbird print.  I will also be sharing my more personal projects.  Since my daughter was born, I've developed a real interest in pop up cards, such as this Blue Tit pop up card - my long term goal is to make these available on my website too, but for now, I would just like to share what I'm working on.

New Products by Three Bears Prints


On a weekly basis,  I'll be sharing my latest artistic projects, my sources of inspiration and giving an insight into my creative processes.  I've always loved sharing my knowledge and part of this blog will be about print making, such as registering linocuts, creating collographs, and preparing paper.  

I will also be sharing ideas on using Three Bears Prints products in your living space and lifestyle in the 'Make your Own' section.  There will be tutorials on projects such as how to recover a lampshade with fabric, such as this swallow print here.  One of my favourite activities is to work on an artistic project together with my daughter and her friends, and there will be lots of ideas on simple crafts to do with children - such as this easy pop up card below.  In return, I hope you'll share your thoughts and ideas along the way too!


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