Upcycling Boxes

Now that Estelle's birthday is over, I've been busy creating storage for all her new toys.  One of my favourite ways of doing this is to upcycle boxes, such as jewellery boxes and those from toiletry gift sets.  I'm going to show you three different ways of upcycling these in today's blog post.

Upcycling boxes

First of all, if the box itself is quite nice, you can apply panels of paper which are just slightly smaller than the measurement of the side that you are decorating.  Here, you can see that I have adapted my hummingbird design to tone in with the colours of this toiletries box from the Body Shop.  I printed it off onto lovely textured parchment paper.  I cut the panels to size, and applied them with Mod Podge.  Afterwards, I spray varnished them, then finished them with another layer of Mod Podge.

Hummingbird Box

Another way is to cover the whole lid with paper.  You can see that I have adapted one of my Goldilocks designs to fit the lid of this old watch box.  Again, I printed it on parchment paper, and I scored and cut the paper in advance.   I stuck it with Mod Podge, and finished it with spray varnish and Mod Podge.

Daddy Bear Box

Finally, for this cufflinks box, I took one of my Scottie dog drawings and printed it onto standard paper.  I cut out a piece of mount card the same shape as the dog  and coloured the edge of it with a black Sharpie marker.  I stuck on the mountcard then the Scottie dog image onto the box using Mod Podge.  Using the mountcard makes the dog stand out as a 3D image.  Again, I finished this off with spray varnish then Mod Podge to seal and protect it.

Scottie Dog Box

I've covered lots of different boxes in different ways as they are excellent, sturdy storage solutions, and allow me to apply my designs in a practical way!

Covered boxes

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