The Art of Love

Today is the twelfth wedding anniversary of my husband and I - so I wanted to share with you today possibly the most precious piece of artwork in my life - and one which changes and evolves every single day.

Marriage proposal

A year before we got married, my boyfriend at the time, Mike,  suggested we go for a walk.  We trudged up a nearby hill on a cold day.  Mike encouraged me to look at the view - but I was getting impatient, and wanted to move on.  Finally, I realised why he had got me to stop - because he had carved his marriage proposal into the tree.  He had gone there the night before, and carved it into the tree in the pitch black.  It was a truly beautiful way of proposing, and a year later, we got married.  Needless to say, our wedding invites featured a picture of the tree.


The tree which features the marriage proposal is close to our house, and we visit it regularly.  The 'Marriage Tree' is somewhere I often walk with friends and family, and my husband of course.  Twelve years later, it looks very different.  The lettering has become gnarled and twisted - and some of the letters have almost disappeared back into the bark.  But to my mind, it is a living work of art - and as it ages and changes, I feel that represents the success and endurance of our marriage and relationship.  It is a piece of art in its own right, and one which I regularly visit and pay homage to - and that fact that it is in a beautiful place with a stunning view, all within walking distance of our house makes it even more special.  

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