The Adventures of Max

As regular readers of my blog will know, Max, our Patterdale Terrier is great source of inspiration to me.  Loyal yet disobedient in equal measure, I adore this scruffy little dog.  My Mum and Dad recently moved house, and in packing up their belongings, discovered two comic book style cards I had made them, depicting Max's behaviours.  These cards must be over 8 years old now, as I made these when we first re-homed Max. 

Max at Trochry

The first card shows Max's somewhat challenging behaviours on his trips to my parents when they looked after him on holiday.  He would bark non-stop while in the kennel; take a reckless approach towards the local bull; and be completely disrespectful of the spaniels in residence.

Max and Fergus

The second card depicts Max's bad influence on my parents' spaniel:  digging up roses; running off; and chewing up slippers.  It was wonderful to revisit them, and remember how he used to behave, especially as he is now a sedate old man who spends most of his time sleeping.  As I've written before, recording your experiences through art can give you an instant window to that period of time - and these comic books do exactly that.

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