Sewing a Halloween Outfit

Sewing a Halloween Outfit

Most Halloweens, I plan Estelle's outfit months in advance - and create a fabric specially to sew an outfit!  Here is the last outfit I designed, using my Skeleton Fabric.  (If you'd like to learn how to sew an elasticated skirt - a super easy project - click here).  

Skeleton Halloween Outift

 This year, however, I've been really lacking energy.  I've been battling on-going skin problems, and all my focus has been on trying to heal myself.  So, in true British Sewing Bee style, I decided to adapt an existing item to adapt for Estelle's Halloween outfit this year.

Adapting an existing top

 I knew Estelle wanted a cloak - so I bought a cheap, large (size 18) top from Primark.  I cut it down the back down the existing seam, chopped off the sleeves and hemmed all the raw edges.  As you can see, Estelle helped with the sewing!

Sewing with my daughter

It was a bit big and shapeless to begin with - so I inserted 4 darts along the neckline.  This made it much better and tailored to Estelle's size.  Next week - Estelle and I decorate it together by printing a cat linocut on it!

Making a cloak