Seasonal Pop Up Cards

Although I love print making, I thought I would share another of my passions today.  When I started reading books with my daughter, I became interested in pop ups.  We love reading pop up books together, and my daughter loves the surprise incorporated into turning each page, as well being able to take an active part in telling the story.  I started learning how to make pop ups, partly by reading books about the techniques and partly by taking apart pop up book mechanisms to see how they work.  


What I really enjoy about pop ups is the mathematical task of making these mechanisms operate effectively alongside creating the artwork.  The fun is developing artwork which fits the necessary dimensions; which makes sense visually; and which will produce the element of surprise.  

Spring Lamb and Blue Tit Pop Up Cards

I decided to create a series of 4 pop up cards depicting each season.  The criteria I imposed was that each one would depict one animal or bird associated with each season; and each pop would be simple, limited to a card with an insert.  Creatively, it can be helpful and more inventive and artistic to work within certain (self-imposed) boundaries.  There were 2 different types of inserts created - the blue tit and lamb cards have simple 75 degree inserts, whereas the owl and squirrel cards have a 3D effect on their inserts. 


I have used these cards again and again as they are flexible in terms of fitting many different purposes - and you can too by downloading the tutorials from Craftsy here.  Hope you enjoy looking or making these as much as I enjoyed designing them!

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