Pop Up Along 5

I'm still working away on my Easter Pop Up card - go here to see where I started 5 weeks ago!  This week, now that I have my mock up in place and have done some of the art work, I wanted to nail the measurements, and check the mechanism works.

Pop Up Design

I spent hours and hours translating the mock up I made out of graph paper and recreating the parts of the mechanism on Adobe Photoshop.  It is very technical and takes a lot of my brain power.  Although I find it so challenging, I feel it is very healthy for me to do something that I never normally do.  It is like I am imposing order on my creative ideas so they work 'in the real world'.

Pop Up Card Pieces

I print out all the separate pieces and cut and fold them accordingly.  There are 14 pieces in total making up the mechanism.  You need to be very careful with the order in which you stick them.

Easter Card Pop Up

 It still doesn't look like much, but this is the final card all measured up and working perfectly!  I'm so glad that it functions - it can be very frustrating to get to this stage, and for it not to work.  However, as you can see, I've made lots of notes as to how I can improve it - but the really hard part is done - from now on, I can simply embellish my design!  Not long to get it finished, Easter is only days away!

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