Pop Up Along 2

For those of you who read this blog on a weekly basis, you'll know that last week I pledged to do a 'Pop Up Along' - showing my progress week by week on making a new Easter Card pop up.  This week, I've been working on my vision for how the mechanism will work, and how it will fit together.

Rabbit Pop Up Easter Card

You can see the proposed design for the front of the card here.  I do all my drafting on graph paper, as it is easy to measure and to cut out.  You can see here that what I'm thinking of is having a rabbit sitting on top of grass, and in front of a shaped tree.

Opening Easter Card

When you open the card, the first rabbit will disappear, and a second one will pop up.  Using one of the folds creating by this mechanism, I will have a third rabbit pop up as well.  But perhaps the easiest way of describing what my ideas are is to have a short film of my card so far!  I'm really enjoying the design process - it is SUCH a mental challenge to work out how it will all fit together! 

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