New Year Resolutions!

So I'm sharing my Three Bears Prints resolutions for 2018 - there is mixed thinking as to whether sharing your dreams and goals publicly is helpful or not - but I feel that it will spur me on to make sure I achieve these intentions!  The theme for 2018 is LARGE SCALE as you will see below.

Grey Canadian Geese Fabric

First of all, following the success of my large scale Flamingo Lampshade last year, I would like to make another one.  I have been working on a Canadian Geese linocut print - this is still to be finalised - but I've used the draft print to create this fabric design.  You can see the samples above - and the intention is to make a 50cm high lampshade from this design!  I'm already in talks with Spoonflower and Needcraft about making this happen - hopefully, this will come to fruition.

Upholstery Projects

Next on the list is upholstery.  After reupholstering our Parker Knowles chairs 10 years ago, I swore I would never upholster anything ever again.  In cartoon-like fashion, I hit my thumb repeatedly with the hammer.  However, I have fallen in love with the new velvet fabric released by Spoonflower.  I ordered my daisy design in this fabric - it is difficult to describe just how sensational the colours are and how rich the texture is.  So, despite my trepidations, I am going to upholster these two old chairs in a small scale and large scale version of my daisies.

Swallow Poster by Three Bears Prints

Finally, I am going to design some large scale posters using my linocut prints as a starting point.  They will not be a replica of my linocuts - rather, they will be a work of art in themselves, using the motifs from my linocuts, but taking advantage of effects which can only be achieved through digital manipulation and printing.  They will also be much more affordable than my hand made prints.  I've already started work on a swallow poster - using every swallow I've ever designed!

So those are my artistic ambitions for 2018 - what are yours?


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