Keeping Creativity Going

Keeping Creativity Going

Life has been very very full of late - so full, in fact, that I simply have not had the head space to do any art for a long time.  It's one of the few times in life that this has happened.  So this is how I've coped - I have been enjoying creativity in different ways.  

Banoffee Pie

As anyone who knows me personally will know, I have made a complete change to my diet to resolve my issues with eczema.  My skin has healed by cutting out wheat, dairy and sugar - which of course, has meant I have had to learn how to feed myself in a complete different way.  This learning process has been surprisingly creative - I've really enjoyed finding out alternative options to standard dishes - such as this vegan banoffee pie.  

Secondly, I've been enjoying the creativity of my daughter.  I've written before about the incredible spontaneous creativity of children, and it is so fun to watch it unfold.  Just tonight, my daughter has sat beside me making a complex handbag from ribbon, sellotape and paper, with multiple pockets for different things - no plan in place and made without any hesitation.  This is a picture of one of her latest paintings.


And finally, it is always wonderful to spend time in inspirational, creative places.  Recently, we went to Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, to see the Natural History Museum's iconic Diplodocus cast.  The museum is full of other sights - this strange face game was my daughter's favourite item.  Even if you cannot be creative yourself, it is still so rewarding to spend time in places like these.  What about you?  How do you keep your creativity going during difficult times?

Kelvingrove Museum