Hidden, Therapeutic Creativity

Mostly, my creative work is something that I openly share.  However, there are some pieces which I have done, which I will never share - not even with the closest people in my life.  These are artworks or writing I have done purely from a therapeutic point of view.  They are done in a style which is completely different to anything else I produce - because mostly, they are about processing and then expelling my feelings about challenging experiences.  The pieces of writing are like a stream of consciousness, flowing out my pen with incredible rapidity.  The paintings or drawings come out as a pure expression, entirely unplanned.  Below, you can see two small excerpts of paintings I have never shown to anyone.

I have used writing and drawing or painting time and again to handle different experiences:  my love life; my relationships with friends and family; dealing with being a victim of crime; managing stress at work; and processing some of the overwhelming feelings and events which are part and parcel of travelling in tough environments.

In some ways, this writing and artwork are my purest forms of creativity - they exist for no other reason than to get what I'm thinking out of my head.  Mostly, it is a way of coming to terms with a difficult experience or to relieve my frustrations about something.  However, processing these experiences or frustrations in a creative way, is, for me, positive and transformative.  It helps me absorb what has happened, consider it in detail, and accept it.  It enables my decision-making, helps me make connections in my brain, and speeds up my recovery.  Ultimately, it gives me perspective - it is no longer solely thoughts swilling round my mind, but there is now a physical representation in words or in pictures.  This is cathartic, and being able to read or see what I'm thinking helps me to reflect, and plan for the future.

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