Get Sewing for Christmas!

There are apparently only 44 days till Christmas - plenty of time to make a lovely hand-made gift for your loved ones.  In this blog post, I'm going to share three quick and easy to sew projects.  You can download the instructions to make these for free on my Make Your Own page, as well as get ideas for other projects.  All of these projects can be done in an evening.  If, like me, you already have a huge store of fabric, they are a perfect way to use up some of your supplies - or treat yourself to more from stores such as Spoonflower.  You can visit my shop there here

Sew a Pot Rest

First up, a really easy project which uses very little materials - a pot rest, seen here in my Red Hens fabric.  This can be easily adapted to any size you want - you could make it larger and sew a piece of attractive fabric as a wall hanging instead, for example.  You could sew it with firmer wadding  for a cup rest instead.  Use your imagination!

Sew a Shower Cap

What about a shower cap?  I made one for all my friends a few years ago - they are PERFECT for when you want to relax in a bubble bath, but don't want to get your hair all wet and soap through it.  

Half Apron Sewing Tutorial

Finally, how about this beautiful little half apron as a present, shown here in my Brown Hens fabric?  It uses a standard fat quarter size as the panel for the apron.  The ruffles make it look super-cute!  Perfect for any cooks or bakers that you know!

Hope you enjoy making these projects as much as I did!






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