Framing a Photograph

Framing a Photograph

This week's blog post is about framing a photograph.  I have written previously about the importance of framing artwork - and photographs are no different.  A frame can bring out the colours of a photograph, and protect it from moisture and dust.  In the photo above, you can see a photo of a cloud inversion from Kinnoull Hill, by talented photographer Hannah Kettles.  It has been framed by Heather McVean at Frame-it.  Read about the process below.

Mounting a Photograph

We started off by looking at different colours of frame mouldings.  The photograph is primarily blue and grey, but there are some orange and brown trees in the foreground.  In the end, we chose a narrow blue moulding with dark gold through it, which reflected the colours of the photograph perfectly.  We chose a mount in 'snow white'.  The mount is important as it gives space for the image to breathe.  In the photos above, you can see Heather cutting and applying the mount.

Building a Frame

Next, Heather cut and mitred the moulding.  She cut glass to size to fit the frame.  Once everything is sandwiched into place, there is a final check that no stray threads, dust or hair has made it into the frame.  A backing is cut to size and pinned into place.  Screw rings are drilled into the frame and cord tied in to hang the picture.

Hannah Kettles, Photographer

 Here you can see Hannah holding the results of Heather's work!  The frame complements and enhances the photograph.  To my mind, if you are going to hang a piece of art or a photograph, it is worth the investment to have a bespoke frame made.  You will end up with a frame which is unique and tailored to the image.  It is perhaps not as expensive as you think - this frame, for example, cost £29.  When you consider how many years a piece of art will hang in your house, this is not expensive at all.  Between now and Christmas, readers of the Three Bears Prints blog will be able to claim a 10% discount at Frame-It (based in Abernethy, Perthshire).  

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