Easy Decorative Box Project

This blog post shows you how to do this very easy decorative box project - covering a plain wooden or kraft box with decorative paper with surprisingly effective results!  This decorative box would be a very useful item to make for storing jewellery, the knick knacks that every house is filled with, or as a presentation box for a small gift.  There are lots of possibilities.  

Easy to make decorative box

The example here has been decorated with wrapping paper from Three Bears Prints on Spoonflower in my red feather pattern.  You could use any decorative paper you like.  In my experience, this project works well if the paper is not too thick and the motifs are small.  You will also need paint which tones in with your wrapping paper - I used a red acrylic paint.  I used Mod Podge to both stick down my paper and to varnish the box - but you could also use a quality PVA glue and varnish.  You will also need a craft knife, ruler, cutting mat, scissors, and paintbrush.  Of course, you will also need a box.  I bought mine from the Range, but there are lots of options available - or paint and cover a a box you have already.

Paint edges of box

1.  Take your box and paint the edges of it.  You will also want to paint round the hinges if there are any.  You may wish to paint the inside - I think my one would have turned out nicely if I had painted the inside.  Leave to dry.

Cut paper

 2.  Measure the surfaces of your box.  Cut out a piece of paper for each surface approximately 0.5cm less in width and height than each surface.  It is important that you label the back of each section as to where it goes and which direction it should face - as soon as you cut them out, it will be difficult to remember!  If you do this, your pattern will match up nicely.

Glue on paper

3.  Apply glue or Mod Podge to each surface and place on your paper, smoothing it out to make sure you don't get any air bubbles.  This technique is very forgiving - you don't need to be too precise in terms of lining up the paper as the painted edges of the box give you some leeway.  The surface of your box may be very 'thirsty' and you may need a lot of glue.

Finished decorative box

4.  Apply 2 layers of varnish or Mod Podge once it is completely dry - if you varnish it while it is still wet, you may get air bubbles!  Stand back and admire your work.


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