Design for Halloween

Although Halloween is still a while away, because I usually make an outfit for my daughter Estelle, I start to think of design ideas in August.  I have created a variety of Halloween fabrics over the years - you can see my collection here.  This year, I'm going to use this 'Cobweb Cat' Linocut design to create a costume.

Halloween Cat

I wanted a really strong, yet relatively simple black and white image.  Here you can see the final image, one plain, and one with tinted yellow eyes.  I like the effect that the yellow watercolour ink creates.  Below you can see the image I started off with.  I ended up drawing a kitten, because I wanted it to look quite cute - and contrast with the creepier vampire teeth and cobweb design.  This image was transferred onto the lino, cut out, then inked up in black.

Printing up Halloween Cat Linocut

The final image was printed up onto textured card - you can see this clearly on the image below.  My plan is to use this image to create fabric for a costume for this year's Halloween.  The decision is - whether to use Spoonflower and have it digitally printed, as I have done with all my other Halloween themed fabrics?  Or for Estelle and I to have a go at printing it up directly onto fabric ourselves?  I'm thinking if we can find a suitable yellow fabric, we will try this!

Halloween Cat Linocut


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