A Creative Launch Pad!

One linocut can lead to a whole range of designs being created.  This blog post will focus on my Candian Geese linocut - the creative launch pad for 2 fabric designs and a large scale poster.  All these designs were inspired by the flocks of Canadian Geese you see flying overhead during winter, flying in a V shape and honking to one another.  The linocut is a two colour linocut.  The black block defines the shape of the geese.  A second block in a light blue grey is printed over it  to define the feathers and to represent the air they are cruising through.  

Canadian Geese Linocut

As soon as I finished the design, I immediately saw the possibilities for it as a fabric.  I created a repeat design using a grey colour as a background.  I liked this effect, so designed a second fabric made up of the same panels as the linocut.  This is sensational as a huge lampshade.

Canadian Geese Fabric

Finally, I adapted my linocut design into a Christmas card.  It got a really good response, and when I visited people after Christmas, I was delighted to see that some people still had the card hanging up, and some had even framed it.  I decided that I would have the design made up into a huge piece of wall art.   I've done this, and I'm delighted with the results!  I'm going to be launching a range of posters shortly - and here is a sneaky peak at how the Canadian Geese one is going to look!

Canadian Geese Poster


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