Pipistrelle Bats

Pipistrelle Bats

This is a hand made print of a linocut with the title ‘pipistrelle bats roost together in September’. This would...
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This is a hand made print of a linocut with the title ‘pipistrelle bats roost together in September’. This would make a great present for a wildlife lover, or for someone whose birthday is in September.

There was a large population of bats living in the attic of my childhood home. When my parent’s finally sold the house, the new owners were delighted with the incumbent residents, as they both worked in the field of conservation. You see bats flying around every night where we live, no doubt finding lots of roosting crannies in our old Victorian houses.

The printed area is 20cm x 23cm and the paper is 29cm x 38cm. It is printed in black oil based ink onto beautifully smooth white Japanese Simili paper. Prior to completing this linocut, I have to admit, I did not think bats were particularly appealing. However, now I love their cheeky faces and extraordinary anatomy which means they are perfectly suited to hunting in their environment. It is one of 12 designs from my Scottish Wildlife Calendar.

All of my linocut prints turn out slightly differently – depending on where the linocut is placed on the paper, how much ink is rolled on, and how much pressure is used to transfer the ink from the linocut onto the paper. This is one of an edition of 100 prints, and each print is number, titled and signed, all in pencil. If you would like me to scan a copy of the exact print you will receive and email it to you in advance, I am very happy to do that.

As you can see from the last picture, I exhibit these prints in a slim black wooden frame, surrounded by a fawn coloured mount. If you can pick them up from me in person, I am happy to sell them framed as well. Contact me for price details. The print will arrive in a poster tube. It is packaged into a clear plastic bag, which has been reinforced with a card insert.