Linocuts into Design

Often, a linocut is created with a specific purpose and design in mind, such as fabric or a pop up card. This an old silver box, for example, was ideal for recovering and using for storage.  It was decided it would be perfect for housing a brand new train set, which led to the design of a railway themed fabric.


Train Tracks Fabric by Three Bears Prints


A fairly simple linocut was created.  In order to have a focus on the detail of the train tracks, it was decided the linocut would be black and white.  It was configured so that it would be a repeat pattern.  It was printed up in black ink - it was a difficult linocut to print as there are a lot of relatively large uncut areas. The fabric can be purchased on Spoonflower here.  The satin fabric is particularly vibrant, with a luscious deep black.  Here you can see the finished tuck box covered in panels of the train tracks fabric.  The train tracks themed black and white fabric is a good fit with the sturdy silver edging of the box.


Box covered in Train Tracks fabric