Anglesey Hens in Red

My most recent hen linocut prints were inspired by a holiday in Anglesey, Wales.  My husband, little girl and faithful terrier stayed for 2 weeks, and we were lucky enough to have wonderful sunny weather.  As it was September, the trees were laden with berries, and the beautiful shades of red resonated with me.


We stayed in a holiday cottage in a little settlement about 1 mile from the sea.  Everyone was very friendly, and the neighbours next door invited my little girl and I to their smallholding opposite.  We were fed delicious, sweet tomatoes as we made our way through the polytunnel - and emerged to find ourselves surrounded by a brood of hens!


Initially, I took lots of photos of the hens, and later that week, asked if I could make another visit to do some sketches.  This resulted in 4 linocut hens, printed up in a bright red ink, redolent of the laden trees we saw.  It was a lovely holiday, and my hen linocuts remind me of our happy times there.