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 Three Bears Prints is run by Marliese Richmond. Marliese lives in Perth, Scotland with husband Mike, daughter Estelle and dog Max. Marliese is lucky enough to live in a very beautiful part of the world. She is inspired by the natural world, and loves to explore different parts of Scotland to get ideas for new linocuts.

Marliese has been making prints for over 15 years, starting off by making simple Christmas cards for friends each year. Her printmaking really took off when she joined the DCA Print Studio. This is an open studio where artists can go to make use of various presses, and take advantage of the knowledge of the friendly staff.

In November 2010, Marliese took the big step of buying her own press! It’s called a proofing press, which is now over a 100 years old. It was used when the fonts for printed material were all laid out by hand. The ‘compositors’ who did this job needed to check that all the letters were in the right order before lots of printed copies were made.

Since buying her own press, Marliese has been able to experiment with printmaking in her studio at home, and develop her work. Initially she was interested in producing one-colour prints, and focusing on texture, pattern and composition. She has since moved on to creating two and three colour prints, working to create different effects by overlaying different colours of ink.

Marliese also runs workshops from her home, and enjoys sharing her skills in this art with other people. She also learns a lot from her students who have discovered new techniques and effects which can be applied to her own work. She loves the social aspect of the workshops, and many repeat students have become friends.


 You can see lots of photos of the Three Bears Prints studio, workshops and trips made to inspire further prints on Facebook.