Revamp of Three Bears Prints!

Revamp of Three Bears Prints!

Three Bears Prints has been revamped!  The big change has been the shift to selling only fabrics and wallpapers.  All of my fabrics and wallpapers are based on my own original art work.  Regular readers of my blog will know that I used to sell my hand made linocut and collograph prints.  Now I have decided to focus on creating different collections of fabrics and wallpapers based on my printmaking.  So far, I have 3 different fabric collections. 

Daisy pattern fabric

The first is my Flowers and Leaves  collection, which spans dramatic red poppies to delicate prints taken from actual leaves.  They are inspired by the flowers I encounter in my everyday life, such as this daisy fabric.  You can find out how I created the original linocut for the daisy fabric here.  

Swallow fabric

The second collection is my Birds Collection.  I love creating linocut artwork of birds and then creating fabric patterns from these.  They are such inspirational subjects, their beauty and colours.  All of the designs I have created are based on birds I have seen either at home or abroad - from woodpeckers or hens to hummingbirds or flamingos.  My swallows fabric is one of my favourite - their return to Scotland each year gladdens my heart as it means summer has arrived!  You can read about the printing process here.  

Train tracks fabric

Finally, I have a collection of fabrics and papers for children.  When my daughter was born, I went through a very creative phase, and developed a range of fabrics for children.  Mostly, these were with specific projects in mind - a duckling fabric for a nappy mat, and ABC fabric for a bag to hold alphabet blocks, skeleton fabric for a Halloween costume.  This monochrome train tracks fabric was created to cover an old tuck box, to hold her train set - read about this upcycling project here.  

I hope you enjoy browsing my fabrics - there will be more released soon - watch this space!